Indie Bookstores in Calgary

Living in the 21st Century affords us amazing luxuries, particularly when it comes to accessing information. A high-speed Internet connection provides an infinite library of knowledge at one’s fingertips. Still, often missing in the haze of this age of hyper-availability are the personal connections made through exchange of the printed word. There’s something about holding a brand new paperback or even a raggedy, yellow bargain buy with no cover that can’t be replicated by an eye-burning screen. There’s something even better about knowing you are supporting your local business market. Here, some outstanding independent keepers of the print tradition in Calgary.

New Age Books and Crystals
The name suggests it, aptly: New Age specializes in spiritual literature and self-help resources. No idea in the name of personal betterment is unavailable to explore, and the bookstore’s staff seems more than willing to discuss and recommend new age concepts and philosophies from the four corners of the globe. This is a great place to go when you are in crisis-mode or looking to do a 180º, in any area of your life. 142 10 St. N.W.

Pages on Kensington 
In the heart of historic Kensington Village, Pages maintains the tradition of communal literacy in Calgary. Housed in the same building that was the city’s first public library branch, the bookseller has won several awards, partly for its dedication to bringing in renowned authors for engaging speaker series — David Suzuki, Pierre Berton and Yann Martel have all made appearances. 1135 Kensington Rd. N.W.

Fair’s Fair
If you have no interest in displaying on a rich mahogany shelf the many and various books you’ve read, then trading up at one of Fair’s Fair’s four book buying locations is a great option. The massive selection of second-hand books makes finding a classic or contemporary favourite easy; and any lit major would be smart to visit here before their egregiously-priced campus bookstore. 907 9 Ave. S.E., and three other locations

Daily Globe Newshop
The best place for magazines in the city, Daily Globe separates its floor space into huge sections (like art and design and sports) and stocks hundreds of magazines — some you can’t find anywhere else in Calgary, or even Alberta. No matter what you’re looking for, this 17th Ave. newsstand likely carries a magazine tailored to your particular interests (Canoeing with Dogs in Western Canada, anyone?). The pedestrian-friendly uptown location and its close proximity to the delicious Café Beano makes Daily Globe a great place to spend part, or most, of an afternoon. 1004 17 Ave. S.W.

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