You Read Better in Paper Than on a Kindle

How should you read Moby Dick: in an old paperback, or just pull it up on your tablet? Well, if you want to remember any of it, go with the paperback. A study published in the International Journal of Educational Research had found that people have better reading comprehension when using … Read More

Indie Bookstores in Calgary

Living in the 21st Century affords us amazing luxuries, particularly when it comes to accessing information. A high-speed Internet connection provides an infinite library of knowledge at one’s fingertips. Still, often missing in the haze of this age of hyper-availability are the personal connections made through exchange of the printed … Read More

Best Books: Tintin and Beyond

For more than 80 years, the wild investigative-journo adventures of Belgian boy reporter Tintin and his canine sidekick Snowy have captivated a wide range of international audiences — sometimes even North Americans! Excuse the snark, but for many on this continent, Tintin knowledge has been limited to grade-school French class … Read More

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