Montreal’s Summer Festival Guide

Montreal is one of the most festive cities in Canada. From fringe cabarets to internationally renowned music events, there is always something exciting to keep you in town on the weekends. This is what you should be keeping your eye on this summer.

Mondial de la Bière June 6 – June 10
This year Montreal’s beer festival offers up a South American flavour: brews from Brazil perfectly accompany alligator soup or boar on a stick. This is just one of many unique pairings you can sample at Mondial de la Bière, which boasts over six hundred beers (three hundred new to the event for 2012) from breweries and micro-brasseries around the world. While admission is free, tastings will cost you a ticket. Beat the lineups by pre-ordering 30 tickets (or so) here.

Grand Prix June 8 – June 10
Who are we kidding? The Grand Prix is so large-scale that you’re practically attending whether you like it or not. St Laurent Blvd. (between Sherbrooke and des Pins) will be closed off with DJs, oyster shots and vintage automobiles. Skimpily dressed promo staff overrun Crescent St. (below Sherbrooke) with nightlong live performances. If, for some reason, you’re more interested in the race itself, buy tickets here.

Osheaga August 3 – August 5
Montreal’s answer to Coachella, Osheaga’s lineup blows most Canadian music festivals out of the water — depending on your taste. Big names include The Black Keys, Snoop Dogg and Justice, though we’ll vouch for small fries Bombay Bicycle Club, Classified and Memoryhouse. If you’re coming from out of town or just want to immerse yourself in the party, rent a room at the Osheaga Hotel (starting at $35). Buy tickets here.

Image courtesy of Mondial de Bière.

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