Refusing to Apologize, Soccer Hooliganism, and Video Game Violence

The Advantages of Not Saying You’re SorryScientific American
“Research shows that those who refuse to express remorse maintain a greater sense of control and feel better about themselves than those who take no action after making a mistake.”

Video Games Don’t Create Violence in Society, They Reflect ItPolygon
“Video games, like many forms of artistic expression, sometimes deal with the struggles of society. Games like Call of Duty or Battlefield or Medal of Honor are in some ways the byproducts of America’s current War on Terror, existing in part to explore a fascination with military conflicts in the Middle East and abroad.”

When the Beautiful Game Turns UglyESPN
“Right up until he started quoting Hitler and dropping N-bombs, my new friend was a great dude. I’ll call him The Hooligan.”

It’s a Strange and Confusing WorldLetters of Note
“You may or may not get to know me – your Grandfather – that is in someone else’s hands. But just in case you do not – I’d like to leave a few ideas with you. Ideas, I may say, that I tried to germinate in your father’s mind with varying degrees of success.”

The Father You ChooseEsquire
“There’s the father you get and the father you choose. When I met Dieter, I understood what I had been missing all those years. I guess you might say that I got to know a father’s love for the first time at age thirty. I liked it quite a lot.”

The Hijacking Epidemic in America: 1961-1972BBC
“Between 1961 and 1972, more than 150 flights were hijacked in American airspace. At the height of the trend, aeroplanes were hijacked at a rate of nearly one per week.”

This Island LifeAeon
“When a new population is founded from just a few individuals, blind luck suddenly becomes very important to its biology.”

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