Refusing to Apologize, Soccer Hooliganism, and Video Game Violence

The Advantages of Not Saying You’re Sorry – Scientific American “Research shows that those who refuse to express remorse maintain a greater sense of control and feel better about themselves than those who take no action after making a mistake.” Video Games Don’t Create Violence in Society, They Reflect It … Read More

Password Cracking, Bank Robbing, and Fighting Over Dinosaur Bones

Anatomy of a Hack – Ars Technica Just how easy is it for a cracker to solve a password? Ars interviewed three crackers who demolished a list of 16,000 passwords, one with a 90% success rate. How A War Hero Became a Serial Bank Robber – Buzzfeed One combat medic … Read More

The Modern Man’s 7 Best Weekend Reads

Sun Myung Moon’s Lost Eco-utopia – Outside Magazine Before he died, the founder of the controversial Unification Church send a bunch of his followers into the jungles of Paraguay. Here’s how that worked out. Kill These Characters at your Own Risk – The New York Times Killing off a beloved … Read More

The Modern Man’s 7 Best Weekend Reads

We’ve learnt a few things this week. 7 things, actually. You should learn them too. How organized crime rigs soccer Soccer’s New Price-Fixing Scandal – via Grantland “Operation Veto found suspect World Cup qualifiers, suspect European Championship qualifiers, suspect Champions League games.It found 150 suspect matches at the international level, … Read More

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