How To Respond if Someone Holds a Gun to Your Head, and More

How to Respond if Someone Holds a Gun to Your Head – Business Insider “Most important: Stay. Calm. There is no way you’re going to remember all of the stuff I’m about to say, but if you remember anything, remember to remain calm. If clarity of thought was ever important, … Read More

The Brothers Tsarnaev, English Racists, and Ted Koppel

How Ted Koppel and ABC TV Tried to Steal My Life Work – Nate Thayer “I am banned by legal agreement to write the following: ABC Television/ Disney Corporation, after seven years in court, where they attempted to bankrupt me and ruin my reputation for objecting to them stealing fifteen … Read More

Refusing to Apologize, Soccer Hooliganism, and Video Game Violence

The Advantages of Not Saying You’re Sorry – Scientific American “Research shows that those who refuse to express remorse maintain a greater sense of control and feel better about themselves than those who take no action after making a mistake.” Video Games Don’t Create Violence in Society, They Reflect It … Read More

LAPD Nearly Takes Down Call of Duty Character

The Los Angeles Police Department stormed the offices of video game developer Robotoki last week with weapons drawn, according to Polygon. The reason? An employee mistakenly used a newly installed panic button, and the police thought a life-sized statue of a Call of Duty character was a real gunman. A picture … Read More

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