Risk: City Edition

The people behind Havoc Boards were sitting down for a game of Risk one day when it occurred to them that world conquest was fun and all, but neighbourhood to neighbourhood fighting in New York might be more fun. Thus, their supplement to Risk was born.

According to their Kickstarter, which is fully funded with weeks left to go, you can either pay for a file download and print your own board, or actually order a normal board and card set like a regular person. They’ve constructed a number of maps, based mainly on cities and countries: Austin TX, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Europe, LA, New York NY, Portland OR, Rochester NY, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, the solar system, the University of Rochester NY, the UK, and the USA.

For those fancy board game enthusiasts out there, they’re also doing engraved wood versions of a few of their maps.

So, why ruin a friendship over world conquest, when you can simply ruin it over the destruction of Chicago?

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