Lone Signal: Your Chance to Send Tweets to Aliens

Are we alone in the universe? Are there civilizations beyond the stars? Will they re-tweet my review of Man of Steel? That’s some of the questions that the people involved with Lone Signal may be asking.

Lone Signal is a project that lets everyday people send short messages to Gliese 526, a star around 17 lightyears away from Earth, according to CNET. The program is an effort to find intelligent life in the universe. The messages are about a length of a tweet, and your first one is free. After that, you can spam the Gliesians for $1 a message. You’ll just have to wait a long, long, long time for a response.

“An important part of this project is to get people to look beyond themselves and their differences by thinking about what they would say to a different civilization. Lone Signal will allow people to do that,” said co-founder Pierre Fabre during the launch of the project.

So start thinking of clever things to say to our possible galactic neighbours (or conquerors, you never know).


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