The Secrets Your Phone Shares About You, And More

How Stars Like Jay Z and Martha Steward End Up With Samsung Devices Fast Company
“Brunetti was a victim–or perhaps benefactor–of a Samsung program known as “White Glove.” It’s a marketing effort designed to convert Apple-slinging celebrities and business influencers into Samsung evangelists. When Beyoncé whips out her phone on the street in Brooklyn, Korea’s largest business conglomerate wants the paparazzi to see that she’s playing Words With Friends on a Samsung.”

Lionel Messi and the Hazards of the Red SuitBBC
“A red suit is, to put it mildly, a bold statement. There is no retreating with a red suit, and there is no pretending you are not trying to be the centre of attention. And herein lies the dilemma, according to style commentator, Peter York.”

I Spent Two Hours Taking With NSA’s Bigwigs. Here’s What Has Them MadWired
“The dual mission of the NSA generates cognitive dissonance. Right on its home page, the NSA says its core missions are “to protect U.S. national security systems and to produce foreign signals intelligence information.” The officials repeatedly claimed they pursue both responsibilities with equal vigor. There’s a built-in conflict here: If U.S. industries distribute strong encryption throughout the world, it should make the NSA’s signals-gathering job much harder. Yet the NSA says it welcomes encryption.”

The Online AvengersNew York Times
“As Ash read those questions in the garden in London, he felt a rising anger and clear sense of purpose. Rehtaeh was yet another victim, not just of the boys who had hurt her but of an indifferent system of law enforcement that further destroyed her reputation and sense of self by allowing them to get away with it. Ash was one of a growing number of Internet activists who try to protect vulnerable teenagers and avenge online bullying and sexual assault. He vowed that day he would do something about Rehtaeh Parsons’s death.”

Modern Art: I Could Have Done That . . . So I DidThe Independent
“Be honest. If thinking “I could have done that” while walking around a contemporary art exhibition is the mark of a philistine, aren’t you a philistine, too? I know I am. Much as we may know that it’s not as easy as it looks to create a decent artwork, there are times when we come across something so simple, so unimpressive, and so devoid of technical merit that we just can’t help believing we could have done as well or better ourselves.”

Leaving Negative Reviews Online Is Not As Safe As It Used To BeOn the Media
There was a time when leaving negative reviews of a business on the internet was a no risk proposition. If a company burned you, or even if you were a competitor leaving a fake review, the business couldn’t really do anything about it. That appears, however slowly, to be changing.

What Secrets Your Phone is Sharing About YouWall Street Journal
“The sensors, each about the size of a deck of cards, follow signals emitted from Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones. That allows them to create portraits of roughly 2 million people’s habits as they have gone about their daily lives, traveling from yoga studios to restaurants, to coffee shops, sports stadiums, hotels, and nightclubs.”

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