6 TV Babes That Deserve Their Big-Screen Shot

Let’s be honest, gentlemen: We like to watch certain TV shows because, well, we like to watch. Politely put, we love TV babes. Running, kicking, jumping, quipping: The best TV babes provide plenty of ‘Men’-tertainment, and for a multitude of reasons (possibly chief among them being that we can look with relative impunity, even in front of our significant others). Bearing in mind that no one, not even you, believes your sad rationales like, “Dark Angel also had a good plot” and “Buffy also had a good plot,” here is DailyXY’s list of TV buzz-babes: Six sultry sirens that need to be called up to the silver screen, mostly because they deserve it, but also to give you a legitimate-enough excuse to run certain Google image searches.

Hottest TV Babe Most Likely to Kill You
>Anna Torv: Fringe (PICTURED)
Yes, we watch Fringe for the weird-o storylines and the mind-bending scenarios, but every man also enjoys the leggy blonde goodness that is Anna Torv. (And, +100 sexy points for the legit Australian accent.) Torv has been toiling on the small screen for ten years now and if she gets any more worked up, that federally mandated white blouse is going to burst. We’re OK with that, mind, but forgive us if we’re thinking IMAX.

Hottest TV Babe You’re Ashamed to Admit You Know from the Soaps
>Vanessa Marcil: General Hospital, Las VegasNYPD Blue
Yes, yes, we know you’ve never watched a soap, not even once, and we’re sure that will hold up in court. Meanwhile, may we suggest Las Vegas and NYPD Blue? Anyhow, this half-Mexican, half-Italian General Hospital vet has been steaming up the small screen for years. Give this Latina her 35 frames per second. Seriously, how did Citizen Jane‘s casting agents miss Marcil?

Hottest TV Babe You’ll Most Likely See at Nerd Conventions
>Julie Benz: Buffy, Angel, No Ordinary Family, Dexter
Vampire. Superhero. Madman’s wife. Desperate housewife (surprisingly, not the same as madman’s wife). In a relatively short professional career, Julie Benz has been bounced around on screen more often than a Wipeout contestant. Despite the gusto, the chops, the blonde locks and the super-smokey voice, this sultry 39-year-old is still playing third fiddle. Give Benz her Mercedes moment. Her résumé alone should have gotten her a meat(y) part in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Hottest TV Babe You’ll Most Likely See Sitting Next to Julie Benz
at Nerd Convention
>Charisma Carpenter: Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars
Another Buffy alumnus, Carpenter is ahead in this pack, for having landed supporting roles in a few films. Still, she has yet to be given a starring role. Notwithstanding a notorious Playboy spread in June 2004, we’ve seen very little of Charisma off the small screen. Her biggest big-screen bit was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the sausagefest shoot ’em-up The Expendables, where she was clearly… Why am I still typing this? You jumped to Google the moment I mentioned the words June and 2004.

Hottest TV Babe You’re Most Likely to See in a Bar Fight
>Serinda Swan: Breakout Kings, Smallville, Supernatural
Model/actress Serinda Swan has been a TV mainstay for the last six years. Sure, she hangs tough. Her turn as a bounty hunter-turned-convict in Breakout Kings gives her, and us, visceral pleasure. The tradeoff: very little time to enjoy Swan’s softer side (you need see those gorgeous eyes just once to realize that you want to drown in them). Did you catch her scene in TRON: Legacy? Neither did we; we demand a phantom edit.

Hottest TV Babe Most Likely to Do Something WONDERful
>Taylor Cole: The Event, Secret Girlfriend, Supernatural, Heroes
The obvious choice for a superhero turn as Wonder Woman (Adrianne Palicki — what were they thinking?), Taylor Cole has been making regular TV appearances since 2005 but has yet to land a character that sticks. Her first major TV role, in The Event, showed us she has the chops, but she was nonetheless held back by clunky dialog. Here’s our idea of an ‘event’: Give Cole the golden lasso for the long-languishing Wonder Woman film, and you’ll rope us right in.

Honourable Mentions: DailyXY’s Glee Girls
Dianna Agron
Lea Michele
Naya Rivera

Honourable Mentions: DailyXY’s Pretty Little Liars
Troian Bellisario
Ashley Benson
Holly Marie Combs
Lucy Hale

Dishonourable Mentions: Banned from DailyXY
Julie Benz excepted, everyone from Desperate Housewives

Image courtesy of Fox Television.


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  1. Maybe I’m part-gay or something, but in this relationship it’s my girlfriend who watches TV and movies so she can check out all the hot people. She’s got the “wandering eye” of the relationship. Maybe I should be worried. Or maybe I should just drink more.

    Good article, Mr. Regina. You left the mom from “Everybody Loves Raymond” off the list. Good call.

  2. @Anonymous: Good call on Gabrielle Anwar! I missed that one!

    @Lost, Found?: Yeah but Ev Lilly will be in The Hobbit, so her star is already rising.

    I did completely forget the girls from Smallville… What was I thinking?!

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