SPONSORED Film’s Best Wingmen

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Last week, we kicked off our series on history’s greatest wingmen with a look at some standouts from TV. This week, we turn to the big screen. All due respect, Goose and Maverick, but y’all didn’t make the cut.

Star Trek: Mr. Spock to Captain Kirk
“Simply put, the best wingman ever,” says reader Graham Harvey, citing Spock’s trustworthiness. “Kirk knew Spock would never make a move on his woman du jour, since he’s an emotionless Vulcan.” In the latest flick, Spock travels in time, convincing his younger self to stay in Starfleet under Kirk’s command. Because the loyalty of the finest wingmen knows no bounds — not even time or space.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Cameron Frye to Ferris Bueller
While Ferris smugly charms his way through life, Cameron inhabits a world of fear and consequences, worrying on his buddy’s behalf. But the relationship is symbiotic: Just as Cameron helps Ferris, keeping Sloane company while Ferris flirts with scantily-clad Bavarian babes, Ferris helps Cameron, convincing him to liberate his father’s Ferrari for the day, setting off a chain of events that ultimately leads to Cameron’s personal liberation.

The Big Lebowski: Walter Sobchak to Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski
Walter’s idiosyncratic moral compass helps the Dude through his toughest times, pushing him beyond his White Russian-soaked comfort zone when necessary. After the Dude’s rug is defiled, Walter insists that he seek out compensation. And though Walter’s quick to draw his handgun, or bite off the ear of a nihilist, there’s not doubt he’d never turn the weapon on his best bud. Well, almost never.

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Thank you to all those others who submitted suggestions. Honourable mentions go to Ron Dorombozi and Neil Lewis, both of whom also suggested Spock and Kirk.

Image courtesy of The Rocketeer on Flickr.

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