The 9 Most Ridiculous Obscenity Complaints Against SNL

The website dug out a pretty hilarious list of informal complaints made to the FCC about Saturday Night Live. For our part, when we don’t like a TV show, we just change the channel. Actually, we think that people who are easily offended and petition the government to censor TV on behalf of their own feelings are half-witted narcissists who should be laughed at. So let’s laugh.

If you’re one of the half-witted narcissists who’s words are reproduced below, rest assured that we’ve left all of your grammatical mistakes and spelling errors intact. Direct all complaints to Make sure you swear a lot; that’s the best way to get a response.

“We accidentally watched your offensive show and it’s all your fault!”

“I don’t typically watch SNL because of it’s offensive material.  In this instance, we had company over and it happened to be on.  Unfortunatley, our 2 children were also in the room.  They had a spoof of Clint Eastwood’s Superbowl commercial for Chrysler.  In the spoof the ‘Clint Eastwood’ character was talking about the presidential candidates and clearly said the word ‘pus*y’ in the clip.  I was taken aback at the crude and offensive remark especially on REGULAR TV, not cable.  I hope the FCC can start taking back the airwaves and bring back just plain common decency.”


“Jimmy Fallon is a hack and that offends me!”

“… in researching Jimmy Fallon’s character and NBC I find that it’s not necessarily talent that is giving these people limelight, and fame.”


“What else are children supposed to watch at midnight?!”

“This programming is not fit for ANYONE!  SNL has gone from laughs to worthless, vile pornography! I would love to get a response back from you to see if NBC is going to do something about this trash. Is NBC truly kid friendly with “Childrens Progamming” and care about childrens lives or are they just a front to look like they care about children while theyer dark?”


“How dare you mock the magic of childbirth? I demand that you keep me abreast of your investigation!”

“Lady Gaga performance–inexcusable sexual content with a mock birthing of baby while dancers “licked” and fondled the performer during this disgusting act.  Also a parody with Justin Timberlake describing a “3 way” sexual act.  I cant believe NBC is allowed to show this kind of content on television, you should be ashamed and they should be fined and I will boycott any advertisers that are associated with this show.



“I can’t tell the difference between a real vagina and a fake one, nudity is unconstitutional, and here’s a geography lesson for you!”

“in this episode of saturday night live nbc aired to the unsuspecting public real images of a woman’s vagina not fully covered by her pink leotard+real pornographic images of a woman’s nude butt not fully covered by her leather underwear all of which are vulgar, unlawful, pomographic, unconstitutional and goes against all standards of decency within all 50 states that comprise the usa.”


“What else are children supposed to watch at midnight” Part II!

“P*ssy (really bad language especially since kids watch the show .. .it’s 12 am not 3 am)”


“I’m mentally ill, probably”

“There is something going on that is very wrong.  The more I hear and see captions or intercepts that pertain to location of my kids, people that I knew from Tucson Az and the undoubted connection leaves me to wonder if some vendetta is occuring.  It leaves me to believe that there are legitimate threats to my kids, talk of Brandon Florida, Okeechobee Fl is where they live.

My request, Federal Communications Commission is that you do an indepth investigation.  There is a signal intercept some where.  It may stem from John or Jeremy Gwodz or Joe Gwodz, James Gwodz, Ed Gwodz from either Tucson Az or Colorado Springs Co or Massechusettes, Montana.  I don’t think these people are in an position from work stations in business.  This happened before with someone else, I’m told, several years ago and these people did everything that they could to ruin email, phone, land and cell and mobile, television and radio.  It was such that someone during the course of this extensive methods of harrassment cause loss of lif”

palin lady

“Stop gay propaganda!”

“While I understand SNL’s challenge of coming up with humorous material on a weekly basis, this does not qualify as entertainment or even as humorous. My question is – are the producers using this show as a platform to promote gay lifestyles and necrophilia? It appears so. This clearly is not the first time SNL has promoted their sexual agenda.”

snl gay

“I’m not as smart as I think I am and I missed the point of the Stanford Prison Experiment!”

“I am a 63 year old white male who has never before felt the need to complain about anything I’ve seen on television. Last evening on NBC’s Saturday Night Live program they did a skit that started out being a humorous bit about the our Presidents recent trip to China and the U.S. debt. As the skit continued, it made a quick change to suggesting that Mr. & Mrs. Obama enjoy anal sex and further that President Hu Jintao wanted in on the action. I also think this attempt at humor by GE/NBC besides being pornographic can very easily qualify as being nasty piece of racism. Apparently there are no adults in the room at either GE or NBC. History has taught us with the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram experiment that having an adult present is very useful. I’m asking that this televised misuse of the public airways be investigate and all necessary remedial action taken.”


[Informal complaints received by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the television show ‘Saturday Night Live,’ 2008-2012 –]

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