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…created to redefine the world itself

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OK, that’s a bold claim, but there’s no doubting HNDSM was created by two crazy kids committed to advancing style north of the border — and beyond. We recently chatted with co-founder, Christian Rice, to find out what drives them to do what they do.

DXY: What did you guys feel was missing from men’s clothes?

CR: It wasn’t really a particular product, but an attitude and a refined aesthetic. We saw big companies that were out of touch with what people want and smaller ones that were promoting lifestyles like skateboarding, running, surfing or something else we weren’t interested in. We didn’t fit any of these categories that these companies seemed to want to fit us in so we decided to make a company was more all inclusive. Good design should be available to everyone — there’s no need to exclude people because they don’t know what a kick flip is. At the time, everything for guys was pretty garish and we wanted to make modern wares that could be new classics.

“Toronto” hat (left) and “Ontario” hat. $45

Why start an apparel company?

It came naturally to the both of us. We always had a predilection toward fashion growing up and recognized its potential as another way to connect and communicate.

How would you describe HNDSM’s philosophy when it comes to design?

We lean towards minimalism. We see beauty in the simple things and avoid any unnecessary ornamentation. There’s a certain utilitarianism to it that we love.

“YE” sweatshirt. $65

Is there anything in particular that inspires you?

We’re always inspired by people following their dreams, whatever they may be. It takes courage, time and work. Seeing other people making these decisions reminds me of why we do it and gives us the courage to keep pursuing.

iPhone 5 case
“Red Rose” iPhone 5 case (left) and “1994” iPhone 5 case. $39

Who has influenced your own style? Are there any designers, artists, celebrities you admire?

People like Robert Frank, Tim Barber, Robert Longo, Prince, David Bowie, Daft Punk are a few that quickly come to mind.

Although it’s become a cliché, we also look up to Steve Jobs and what Apple has accomplished since its inception. His belief in himself while making unpopular decisions was incredible.

“Toronto” tee. $30

Check out the gallery below for more favourites from HNDSM’s collection. Shop at

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