Video Game Economics, Aspergers, and Buying a Florida Panther’s Season Ticket

The Girl Who Turned to Bone The Atlantic
The search for a cure to a rare skeletal condition, and why curing rare diseases matters.

For Stock Picking Advice, Don’t Ask an Economist The New York Times
Based on everything we know about stocks, it seems like insider trading is really the way to go.

My Year as a Florida Panthers Season Ticket HolderCave
When a die-hard Canucks fan, Jay Adams will probably never be able to be a Canucks season ticket holder—but there’s no wait list for the Florida Panthers.

You Do Not Have Asperger’sSlate
The internet’s most favourite mental disorder is getting redefined by the DSM V, and that’s provoking a lot of outrage.

Whey Too Much: Greek Yoghurt’s Dark Secret Modern Farmer
It’s a $2 billion industry, but Greek yoghurt produces toxic waste. At least they aren’t toxic assets.

The Economics of Video GamesThe Washington Post
EVE Online has a bigger economy than Iceland and the things people trade within the game have real value. That’s why they have an economist to manage the whole thing.

The Curse of Reading and ForgettingThe New Yorker
Have you ever ordered a book on Amazon, anxiously awaited it’s arrival, only get five pages in to realize that you’ve read it before?

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