The Less-Discovered Paris

There’s nothing wrong with the Louvre. The Eiffel Tower, we know, is sort but impressive, in that open-air kind of way. Still, if you’re seeking an authentic Parisian experience, neither of these destinations will quite do the trick. Here, DailyXY’s cliché-free guide to Paris.


To tourists, Montmartre is home to the Sacré-Coeur and endless crêpes. But this 18th arrondissement ’hood is the city’s hippest. To wit: Chéri Bibi, where the style set lounges on mismatched vintage furniture and eats traditional French fare. Come on the right night, and you’ll catch inventive cocktails – like mojitos with housemade ice cream. 15 rue André del Sarte, 18th arrondissement, 33-1-4254-8896.

For the past 22 years, the Atelier de Production et de Création (APC) has been producing slim-fitting, ultra-minimalist basics. APC Surplus, also in Montmartre, offers a compelling 50 percent discount on the brand’s Japanese raw-denim jeans, military-inspired anoraks and perfect peacoats. 20 rue Andre del Sarte, 33-1-4262-1088.


The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature isn’t Paris’s most celebrated museum, but it’s the most awesome: Here, you’ll find a forest of taxidermy, hundreds of old guns, and paintings depicting great hunters. Plus: Way more crossbows than the Rodin Sculpture Gardens. 62 rue des Archives.

Ever fantasize about spending a night with the Paris Hilton? Lewd puns aside, the Hilton Arc de Triomphe is a gem, a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysées. With spacious rooms, striking art deco décor, and phenomenal service (Louis, the concierge, is unimpeachable), the Hilton is the next best thing to a pied-a-terre. 51-57 rue de Courcelles, 33-1-5836-6700.

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