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Ontario Cottage Travel Tips

As the temperatures heat up, many urbanites flock to cottages and campsites to escape the steamy confines of the city. Before you head off to your own lakeside Shangri-la, it’s best to take a few steps of preparation and potentially avoid a massive headache. The first question you need to … Read More

Where To Vacation Post-Irma and Maria

According to Albert Herrer, senior vice president at luxury travel agencies network Virtuoso, many places affected by Irma should be fully repaired in time for winter travel, fingers crossed. Still, just so we consider all the winter-break options, one way to get away to warmer climes and do some good … Read More

FYI: Your friends hate your vacation pics (especially this one)

A new poll has uncovered the most hated photo on Facebook. It turns out that people really don’t like seeing their friends’ vacation pictures plastering their newsfeed. The study – conducted by insurance firm Aviva – found that 73 per cent pf people are annoyed by seeing other people’s vacation … Read More


How to Travel With a Woman For the First Time, Part 1: Before the Trip

Taking a trip with a romantic partner is a huge milestone in a relationship. Vacationing together is an opportunity for you to learn way more about each other than you even thought possible: you’ll learn more about each other’s idiosyncrasies, how you both handle stress, and how well you compromise … Read More

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