The Modern Man’s Best 7 Reads

Every Monday, DailyXY rounds up the most interesting in-depth articles from around the web.

Why You Never Truly Leave High SchoolNew York Times Magazine
Though neuroscientists and psychologists have mainly spent their time exploring early life and it’s role in development, a growing amount of research suggests that our sense of self is largely influenced by our cultural experience during adolescence.

The HangingThe Atlantic
In 2009, the body of a federal census worker was found hanged in the backwoods of Kentucky. The story briefly fed a 24-hour news cycle, whose pundits considered it a sign of our divided politics, and then disappeared. This is what really happened.

‘This is working’: Portugal, 12 Years after Decriminalizing DrugsDer Spiegel
Since Portugal eliminated criminal penalties on drugs, experts have been pleased with the results.

The Golden AgeAeon Magazine
Advances in robotics and manufacturing mean that the possibility of a fifteen-hour work week is on the horizon, but how can society be reorganized to reflect a new reality?

Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors At $1 a ShareWired
IPOs have done wonders for Silicon Valley start-ups, but when Mike Merrill sold himself by the share, he opened himself up to shareholder interests, stock price manipulation, and takeover interest.

A Vanished Life – The Washington Post
How to piece a life back together after 17 years worth of memories disappear.

Medical Emergencies at 40,000 FeetThe Atlantic
It isn’t uncommon to hear the words, “Is there a doctor aboard this plane?”; why on earth are airlines simply counting on the kindness of strangers?

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