Uncomfortable about Google Glass, and More

Through the Watching Glass – Medium “There’s a case to be made that wearable technology can connect oneself to one’s environment more than it isolates, by providing context that we otherwise wouldn’t see. But often it’s the rest of the world that bears the burden of that. The data ones face collects could … Read More

What the Cossacks are Doing at the Olympics, and More

What the Cossacks Can Do – Grantland “The Cossacks can’t shoot anyone, because they aren’t carrying their guns. They can’t whip anyone, because they aren’t carrying their nagaikas, their horsewhips — leather braids as short and thick as a devil’s tail. They can inflict pain, no doubt; strong men need … Read More

The Modern Man’s Best 7 Reads

Every Monday, DailyXY rounds up the most interesting in-depth articles from around the web. Why You Never Truly Leave High School – New York Times Magazine Though neuroscientists and psychologists have mainly spent their time exploring early life and it’s role in development, a growing amount of research suggests that … Read More

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