The Modern Man’s Best 7 Weekend Reads

Not Tonight Honey, I Have A Penis – GQ
It used to be taken from granted that men were always horny and women withheld sex. Now, it seems like either the script has been flipped, or that was never the case in the first place.

The True Life Horror that Inspired Moby Dick – Smithsonian
Before the Pequod was ever imagined, the real-life whale ship Essex was dashed to pieces in the southern Pacific Ocean by a sperm whale. Of the twenty aboard, only eight ever made it back to land.

Up All Night: The Science of Sleeplessness – The New Yorker
Sleep has become one of the major areas of study recently, and for good reason: we aren’t getting enough of it, and we’re less healthy as a result.

Unravelling the Dark Web – GQ UK
Forget dark alleyways—the black market has moved online.

The Professor, the Bikini Model, and the Suitcase Full of Trouble – New York Times
Stop me if you’ve heard this one: a world-renowned physicist plans to make a new life with a gorgeous model, but first she wants him to deliver a package for her…

What Coke Contains – Medium
What’s the supply chain of a can of coke? Aluminium from Australia, with magnesium in the lit, manufactured in California, build to hold syrup with flavourings from Mexico, Sri Lanka and South America…

The Origin of the Falkland Island Wolf – LA Times
200 years ago, Charles Darwin wondered how a wolf that looked suspiciously like a fox came to inhabit the remote Falklands. Now, scientists think they have the answer.

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