Toronto Record Shops

Just as video killed the radio star, the Internet and music downloading killed the record store. Sam The Record Man passed away this past summer after a slow decline in popularity. The neon lit spinning discs were a Yonge Street tradition for years. Gone are the days of digging through the miscellaneous sections of the alphabet where all the obscure artists were hidden.

Or are they?

Toronto still maintains a thriving independent “record” shop scene, where music enthusiasts venture to find that special hard to find piece of vinyl, or an out-of-print CD. Sonic Boom (512 Bloor St W) is a huge warehouse type retail outlet offering a continuously updated recycled collection of CDs, vinyl, DVDs, posters and other memorabilia. They will typically buy what you have and sell what they got.

A couple other favourites with both musicians and collectors are Rotate This (620 Queen St W) and Soundscapes (572 College St). Here one can find almost anything that’s “indie”.

Vortex Records (2309 Yonge St) and Sonic Temple (5165 Yonge St) both continue to maintain a northerly Yonge Street presence by attracting hardcore music lovers who seek the touch and feel experience that comes with the ownership of a new addition to their music library.

Beaches residents can seek their solace at Discovery Records (1140 Queen St E) where vinyl still rules.

So before the next time you click “download”, consider buying locally and helping keep our city alive with the sound of indie music.

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