Why Net Neutrality Doesn’t Scare Canadians

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed net neutrality rules earlier this week, paving the way for internet providers to slow or censor content if it so chooses. The decision overturns the Obama administration’s rules that deemed all internet traffic be treated equally. The FCC voted in a 3-2 … Read More


Need internet, despite spotty connectivity and no electricity? Well, that’s why they made BRCK ($TBD), a router with a lot of extras. It’s a rugged, idiot-proof way to connect to the internet. It has a big battery (that’s large enough to charge other stuff too), has four gigs of on-board … Read More

Pre Internet vs. Post Internet

Heads up: language in this video is super not-safe-for-work. Unless you work in Australia, which sounds like a country made of potential HR incidents. [youtube width=”640″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRaj2PTnfoU[/youtube]

Jennifer Lawrence, and More

Beyond Mt.Gox – Reuters “Mt. Gox, at one time the biggest bitcoin exchange, abruptly stopped trading this week amid reports on the internet that more than 744,000 bitcoins – worth around $380 million at prevailing rates – had been stolen. If accurate, that would mean around 6 percent of the … Read More

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