What to Watch at Montreal’s Festival Cinemania

Eighteen years strong, Montreal’s Festival Cinemania ushers in forty-six feature length films from French directors from around the world: Estonia to Paris, China to our very own Quebec. While the onslaught of festivals can begin to feel a little redundant, this is one not to be missed. The films, screened in French and subtitled in English, bring the divergent communities of the city together.

And just because it’s independent French cinema, don’t think it’s all ennui and cigarettes. We’ve rounded up the most thrilling, action-oriented films in hopes of dispelling the notion that Anglos and Francophones can’t share popcorn.

Thursday, November 8 Armed Hands
A police drama that stages gunfights between the law and Serbian gangsters, Armed Hands examines the relationship between Lucas, a 46-year-old detective, and Maya, a beautiful 25-year-old cop, two police officers who cross paths in a corrupt system. 9:30 p.m.

Friday, November 9 Last Screening
Looking for some meta-horror? A man who runs an independent, neighbourhood cinema begins committing ritualistic murders as man’s psyche is lucidly approached, judged and condemned by the camera. 10:10 p.m.

Saturday, November 10 Freeway
Alarmingly close to the famed Drive, this film focusses on the relationship between a man and his car — albeit not in the labourious, montaging manner of Gosling’s oeuvre. Freeway contrasts the mechanical love of tinkering, perfecting and racing of customized sets of wheels with domestic life. After a fateful collision, passion is set aside and the torment of remorse and fear reign heavy. 1:30 p.m.

Festival Cinemania is at 1430 Bleury St.

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