Where to Eat in Old Montreal

From the crowded, tourist-filled Jacques Cartier Square to its quieter corners, there’s something for everyone in the old capital.  These are just four of the places you need to check out.

Taverne Gaspar
Taverne Gaspar is redefining comfort food and upping the ante when it comes to impeccable service.  Whether you’re pulled up to the bar for after work drinks or settled into a banquet for the evening with your friends or a date, you are guaranteed to have a good time.  The Taverne Burger is one of the best in Montreal, especially when paired with the Gaspar lager.  The beer’s surprising smoky flavor will keep you wanting more. 89 Commune Rd.

Suite 701
With a reputation vaulted higher than its sky high ceiling, the chic Suite 701 is one of the hottest places in Old Montreal to see and be seen.  The spacious, urban environment is packed with people all weekend long while the expertly mixed drinks will keep you tethered to the bar.  The menu is refreshing and their succulent beef tartar is worth the try.  Summertime means a trip to the rooftop terrace for the best view of the city and a glass of chardonnay. 701 Côte de la Place d’Arme

Méchant Boeuf
For meat lovers, this is one stop you can’t deny yourself.  The warm atmosphere will draw you in and their excellent menu will leave you watering for a well cut and expertly served piece of grade AAA beef.   They have a solid new 5 à 7 menu, available from Thursday to Saturday, offering drinks and food (the Nachos are a must) that you can sample while DJ Skwik E Kleen keeps you entertained for the evening. 124 St. Paul Rd. W.

Restaurant Vallier
Vallier is a new classic on the McGill strip.  The retro, wooden décor is urban at it best while remaining unpretentious.  The focused menu reminds us that good food doesn’t have to be complicated.  They have a great wine selection and the duck confit shepherd’s pie with homemade ketchup is a staple. 425 McGill St.

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