5 Detox Foods That Actually Work

Skinny teas, 7-day juice cleanses and fad diets, you’ve probably seen it all. With all these products and solutions boasting promises of cleansing toxins and weight loss, whether they actually work or not is truly debatable. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on solutions that don’t promise results, why not … Read More

What are Macros and How to Track Them?

You’ve probably already heard of calories and how lowering overall caloric intake can help you lose weight, but have you heard of counting macros? Macros, formally known as ‘macronutrients’ – are essentially the building blocks of nutrition. Made up of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, they are what makes up your … Read More

KPro's alipay terminal

Alipay Makes Buying Food Easy—Privacy, Not So Much

Through the magic of machine learning and facial recognition, Chinese restaurant-goers are now able to use Alipay to order and purchase delicious chicken using their face. What is Alipay? Job advocates may complain about how computer terminals are slowly replacing human cashiers at places like McDonald’s or Tim Hortons, but … Read More

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