A Beer That Won’t Give You A Hangover

Researchers at the Griffin Health Institute in Australia have been toying with improving the hydrating effects of beer, without ruining the beer’s taste. The idea is that if a beer has added hydrating properties, the drinker won’t get dehydrated, and therefore, won’t get a hangover.

To increase hydration, the researchers have been adding electrolytes to brews and reducing alcohol (the thing that dehydrates you), and the results are a less dehydrating beer, according to News-Medical.

Test subjects were asked to complete some strenuous exercise and then drink 1 of 4 types of beer available. There were two light beers and two regular strength beers, but one of each had added electrolytes. Researchers found their altered light beer was a third more effective of rehydrating test subjects than a regular light beer. Researchers say that the test subjects did not notice the taste of the added electrolytes or reduced alcohol content.

So this new beer could cure you’re hangover, but will it cure the social stigma of drinking beer-favoured Gatorade?

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