Adventurous Eating & Health Benefits


You’re not clear on why you should try new foods.


You should try new foods because people who do that tend to be healthier than picky eaters, according to a study in Obesity. (Trying new foods can also be delicious and rewarding, but that’s outside the scope of the study.)


Researchers recruited 500 subjects and gave them a questionnaire to measure how adventurous their eating habits were. Basically, the survey asked them if they’d tried a series of different foods (Rabbit? Foie gras? Kombucha? Polenta?). Subjects also gave their weight, height, body mass index, physical activity levels and their satisfaction with their weight.


Adventurous eaters tend to be healthier eaters, having better control of their weight, more satisfaction with their weight, and higher levels of physical activity.

The Takeaway

Interestingly, the study also says that adventurous eaters “had higher means on hosting friends for dinner … and [a] pattern of trying new foods that are recommended by friends”. So, if you’re an adventurous eater, chances are you’ll be healthier, happier, and host more dinner parties. Do you need another reason to try something different?



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