Automate Your Tea

Guys love stuff, but hate shopping. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the best things delivered right to your door.

Prior to happy hour, the two major beverage camps are coffee and tea. Even if you’re a coffee guy, you’ve probably got someone on your life who is a serious tea drinker — serious, for our purposes, means someone who knows how to use tea leaves sans bags — and could use a monthly selection.

Fortunately, Amoda Tea has your back. Each month, they curate a box containing three varieties of tea. I sampled their November box, which included Honeybush Haze, Darling Darjeeling, and Zulu Chai.

Honeybush Haze is dessert-like, dominated by apples and hazelnuts. Darling Darjeeling is like any other black Darjeeling, though with a hint of cherry, and if you add milk, a subtle strawberry note. Zulu Chai is on the spicy side, probably because of the use of rooibos, which only grows in Zimbabwe.

Printed on each packet are tasting notes, the name of the blender and a steeping guide. There was enough for about ten cups each, but if you like one of the samples, you can order more from their website.

Boxes start at $15. Four month subscriptions are available for $56, or twelve months for $165.

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