Best Eats: Calgary’s Best Chinese

To help you navigate Calgary’s dining scene we’re starting a Best Eats series. The idea is to give you a quick snapshot of good places to eat in the city. The idea was inspired by some salt and pepper seafood at the Golden Inn in Chinatown, so we’re kicking the series off with our picks of Calgary’s Chinese.

Golden Inn
Your late-night spot for Cantonese done right: fresh ingredients combined to make dishes full of flavour. Open until 4 am; insomniacs of the world unite. 107 – 2 Ave. SE (Chinatown), (403) 269-2211.

Leo Fu’s on MacLeod
Just off MacLeod Trail on the west side, a couple of blocks south of Glenmore Trail, sits popular, inexpensive Leo Fu’s. This is our top pick for Chinese in the city. 511 – 70 Ave. SW, (403) 255-2528.

Peking Dragon
Just south of 17 Ave. on 4 St. SW is the Peking Dragon, a good choice for delivery if you live down around the red mile. 1904 – 4 St. SW, (403) 228-1205.

Shan Tung
Cantonese and Peking combine to give you dishes that are lighter on the oils and the deep-fried stuff. 332 – 14 St. NW, (403) 283-3388.

Silver Dragon
Here, about 15 chefs from Hong Kong cooking from a 200-item menu. Good choice for dim sum. 106 – 3 Ave. SE (Chinatown), (403) 264-5326.

Honourable Mentions:

Harbour City (in Chinatown) and The Pavilion (in the northwest).

We’re constantly reminiscing about past meals and avidly planning future ones, so keep your eye out for more Best Eats coming soon.

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