Top Chop-Top Shops

Until you find your regular go-to guy (or girl), getting a haircut can be a man’s most vulnerable aesthetic experience. Clothes, you can change — but you’re pretty much stuck with a haircut. Common wisdom suggests that men’s barber requirements are much simpler than women’s; still, Toronto has everything on … Read More

Calgary’s Best Dim Sum

Canada’s dim sum capital is bursting with bite-size Chinese delicacies. At some spots, servers wheel carts laden with bamboo steamers, as in the old country – though menu service is increasingly the norm. Golden Central Chinese Cuisine Michelin Man-like sausage rolls and pan-fried pork buns compliment exacting traditional fare in … Read More

Vancouver’s Savile Row

Men’s fashion is rife with talk of “must-haves,” but few things are as truly essential as a well-fitting suit. And while genuine bespoke – a suit made from scratch, just for you – is the gold standard, made-to-measure – in which existing patterns are altered to fit your frame – often looks … Read More

Montreal’s Chinatown II

Montreal’s Chinatown is small and dense; there’s not really anywhere for it to grow (some even say city politicians planned it this way). But in the last few years, Chinese and Korean restaurants have begun to sprout up in the area around Concordia University like crazy, revitalizing a neighbourhood that … Read More

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