Bloody Good, Montreal!

There is no better way to bring in the summer (finally) than with that delightful mixture of Clamato, vodka and Worcestershire sauce. Although virtually unknown to the rest of the world, it has been said that over 350 million Bloody Caesars are consumed in Canada annually. Since its invention in 1969 by Walter Chell in Calgary, Alberta, the drink’s popularity has swiftly amplified and can now be found in the hands of Canadians (and courageous foreigners) across the country. Luckily, Montreal mixologists have not only embraced this truly Canadian beverage but have taken its simple recipe to the extreme.

The Elaborate
Skip appetizers and go straight for a Bloody Caesar! Chuck Hughes (Iron Chef Champion and host of Chuck’s Day Off) has used his culinary genius to put together the most elaborate and arguably most delicious Bloody Caesar in Montreal. Using ingredients such as steak spice, horseradish, hot sauce and an actual snow crab claw, Chuck has put together Montreal’s most satisfying Bloody Caesar Cocktail. Find this masterpiece at his popular Old Montreal restaurant Garde-Manger Inc, but don’t expect a seat without a reservation! 408 Saint-Francois-Xavier St., 514 678 5044.

The Fail-Safe
Real original right? Well, hate it or love it, The Keg has been making Canada’s favorite Bloody Caesar for years! Their recipe is top secret, so don’t even bother asking. Trust us, we’ve tried. Since you will probably want more than just one, we recommend going straight for the “Keg Size”: double the punch without doubling the price ($9.95). No matter the size, all are garnished with Caesar classics like the salt and pepper rim and celery stick, as well as a spiced green bean and lime wedge to add a little tang. 25 Saint-Paul St. E., 514-871-9093.

The Cost-Effective
Since its doors opened in 1971, Montrealers have taken pleasure in Vol de Nuit’s “happy hour that never ends.” Enjoy a two-ounce Bloody Caesar for a mere $6.50, or take advantage of the two for one deal. And since happy hour is all the time, cost will never change. Jimmy Markakis, pub owner promises all mouth watering Bloody Caesars are served with love, every time. And it is this, along with their ridiculously affordable prices and perfect Prince-Arthur location that keep Montreal locals coming back for more. 14 rue Prince-Arthur Est, 514-845-6243.

The Bizarre
No secrets here. With an advertised recipe of vodka, Clamato juice, olives, and celery and chips (yes potato chips), La Cantine Bistro Boutique has created Montreal’s oddest Bloody Caesar ($9). The response? People love it. The restaurant itself follows the same fun/odd theme with its ’70s diner décor and canteen-style meals. If you are an alien and Bloody Caesars aren’t your thing, go for another oddball cocktail like a Jack and Coke, delicately topped with a cheese-puff on a cocktail stick. 212 Mont-Royal Ave. E., 514-750-9800.

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