Booze Delivery in Calgary

Picture this: You’re sitting around with your family during the holiday season and your wife/mother-in-law/crazy Uncle Bob has driven you to drink all the beer in the house. What do you do?

Consider us Santa having come early with our list of fine Calgary establishments that will deliver booze right to your doorstep. These businesses have special liquor delivery licenses to purchase booze from government stores to deliver to residences only, and they will check for ID upon delivery. Aside from being an early Christmas present, this list is another reason (besides not being stupid) not to drink and drive.

Tel: 252-9945
Delivery Charge: $8
Payment Method: Cash only
This the world’s largest beer and liquor delivery service company with locations across every major city in Canada. It’s so successful they’re selling franchises now.

Tel: 289-1136
Delivery Charge: $8
Payment Method: Cash only
Beer, wine, spirits delivered to your door just in time for turkey dinner.

Solo Liquor
Tel: See website for location nearest you.
Delivery Charge: $6
Payment Method: Cash only
Solo has five locations, and delivers until 11 p.m. Monday to Friday, and until 2 a.m. on weekends.

A-1 Delivery

Tel: 543-0300
Delivery Charge: $7
Payment Method: Cash only
Same deal as Dial-a-Bottle: they go to the liquor store for you, buy you what you want, and then bring it to you for a delivery fee of $7.


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  1. Hey Ricky what delivery did u go through…and where’s a delivery with door way debit I wanna party it up whoop whoop hahaha

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