Style Suggestions: Diamonds for Men

At some time in his life, a man will have to buy jewelry for his woman. DailyXY supports and admires the 21st century woman as a full and equal partner both at home and the office, and we think it’s high time she starts giving as good as she gets (in the jewelry department, that is). In a glittering embrace of sexual equality, we suggest you start dropping hints for a little bling under the Christmas tree for you.

While it’s technically a women’s line, local jewelry company Pyrrha is starting to attract the attention of men like Brad Pitt and Ashton Kutcher. Both Hollywood hot shots are proud owners of a Pyrrha sterling silver wax seal pendant. (Mr. Pitt’s features a fallen leaf and the motto “I Change Only in Death” in French, while Mr. Kutcher opted for a skull and crossbones inside a heart with the Latin motto “Omnia Vanitas,” or “All Is Vanity”).

The line offers a seemingly endless array of 19th century wax seals, each with a different symbol and translation (see for the list).

Chances are your girlfriend already knows where she can buy Pyrrha, but just in case she’s new to North America or in case you’re single, the chains and pendants are available at Barefoot Contessa at 3715 Main Street, (604) 879-1137 and 1928 Commercial, (604) 255-9035. They’re also available at all Blue Ruby locations and online at

Now go forth and adorn yourselves.

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