Building the Best Home Bar

You’re an adult, which means holiday entertaining should involve more than just throwing a kegger. When friends come over, impress them with a fully stocked, super-swank home bar. Here, a roundup of 10 debonair drinking accoutrements to get you started.

Line Bar in walnut
Design Within Reach
If you’re serious about your drinks, pay them the respect they deserve with a home of their own. This standalone, walnut-wood bar has a place for everything, including hanging racks for stemware, 12 cubbies for wine bottles, and two drawers for accessories. $3,295 US

Brass bottle openers
When you think beer, elegance isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind. But elegant is the best way to describe these these brass bottle openers from Japan. Available in three styles, they’re surefire conversation starters. $40-$60 each

3-piece Rabbit Wine Opener set
Uncork a bottle in three seconds flat?! Once you try the rack-and-pinion lever system of a Rabbit wine opener, you’ll never go back to a regular old corkscrew. Believe us. $48, includes foil cutter and spare coil

Distressed Gold Wine Bucket
Pottery Barn
Forget the standard, silver-plated wine bucket. In iron with a warm-looking gilded finish, this one offers a little originality. $63

Plaid Double Old-Fashioned Glass
Tiffany & Co.
Old-fashioned glasses in hand-cut crystal. It doesn’t get any more classic (or suave) than this. From the classiest of places, Tiffany’s. $45

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid Decanter
The Bay
No well-appointed bar is complete without a crystal decanter. With a cut-out pattern of plaid, this one from Ralph Lauren is both timeless and on-trend. $140

Marais Brandy Glass
There’s nothing like a warming glass of brandy to ward off winter’s chill. Greet guests just in from the cold with a splash of the caramel-coloured spirit. Served in this hand-blown glass snifter, they’ll think you’re the best host in the world. $32

Antique Silver Cocktail Shaker
Pottery Barn
Just in case you’re too blitzed to remember what to do with a cocktail shaker, this one has instructions written right on it. Kidding. It’s simply a stylin’ shaker; nothing wrong with that. $50

Stainless steel double jigger
When you’re whipping up cocktails, measured mixing is what makes for the perfect drink. This one- and two-ounce double jigger will help you get the portions right. $7

Brown Bone Bar Collection Stirrer Spoon
Sure, you could grab just any old spoon from the cutlery drawer, but that’s not very refined. This purpose-made, bone-handled stirrer spoon, on the other hand? The epitome of cultured sophistication. $10

Image courtesy of Dinner Series.  

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