Men Drinks Per Day

How Many Drinks Per Day Are Acceptable For Men?

Many experts believe that men 65 and younger can safely consume up to two alcoholic beverages a day without adverse effects as long as they don’t have underlying health problems. According to the Mayo Clinic, moderate alcohol use may possibly offer some benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease … Read More

The most common health problems men face (and how to fix them)

When facing the work week, dealing with the wife and kids, and managing daily tasks, the stress of life adds up. And it shows its effects most prominently in men’s physical and mental health. Some of the most common health problems men face are manageable if tended to in a … Read More

Where you can buy booze in Ontario without the LCBO

[UPDATED: June 9, 2017] Ontario residents could soon find the doors to their local liquor store locked up indefinitely. Unionized workers of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) had requested a “no board” report from the Ministry of Labour. That is a report that tells the union that no … Read More

The Guy’s Guide to Exercise & Alcohol

The drinking man’s dilemma; how detrimental is consuming alcohol to your health and exercise regime? And do those weekday after-work beverages affect your performance at work the next day? Well you’ll be happy to know that the results aren’t as depressing as you’re thinking. But first, the depressing facts. Alcohol … Read More

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