Calgary’s Sweetest Desserts

It’s sad but true: Women often prefer dessert to sex. Thanks to these stellar local offerings, however, she won’t have to make that choice. Make sure your next home-cooked meal ends sweetly.

Chocolate Overdose at Decadent Desserts
Featuring almost two pounds of Callebaut chocolate in layers of truffle, mousse and ganache, this is likely Canada’s richest cake. 831 10th Ave. SW, 403-245-5535.

The Napoleon at Manuel Latruwe
Manuel Latruwe’s Belgian waffles are top-notch, but the Napoleon – a layered crispy puff pastry with butter cream filling – is otherworldly. 1333 1st St. SE, 403-261-1092.

Turtle Sundae at The Chocolate Bar
A cornerstone in dessert culture for more than 25 years, The Chocolate Bar is a husband-and-wife-run eatery that promises sweet ecstasy via chocolate, pecans and caramel with their classic Turtle Sundae. 1431 17th Ave. SW, 403-245-5013.

Raspberry Blood Orange Tarts at Nectar
These vibrant, sweet-but-tart delights are a highlight at this late-night date destination, where executive chef Rebekah Pearse also offers a solid selection of cookies, cakes and homemade ice cream. 1216 9th Ave SE, 403-263-8486.

Velvet Elvis Cupcakes at Crave

Stop by this retro-tinged bakery en route to a dinner party: They package their cupcakes in tiny boxes tied with satin ribbons, so you look like you’ve gone the extra mile. Plus, their delivery service means you should add this doghouse prevention service to your speed dial. 1107 Kensington Rd. NW, 403-270-2728.

Image courtesy of necopunch on flickr

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