Toronto’s Sweetest Desserts

Even if you’ve got mastery of the spatula and the swizzle stick, few men can really handle desserts. If she’s agreed to a romantic dinner at your place, don’t risk it with a flimsy flan. Drop by one of these bake shops to ensure a strong finish.

Mancakes at For the Love of Cake
Say no to pink frosting. This Liberty Village bakery uses ingredients like whiskey and stout – not to mention bacon and maple syrup – to create its dude-approved selection of mancakes. 171 East Liberty St., 416-306-6446.

Key Lime Euro Tart at Dufflet

With a chocolate crust filled with light and tangy lime filling, topped with lime slices, Dufflet’s Key Lime Euro Tart may be the tastiest offering from Dufflet Rosenberg, the “Queen of Cake.” Three locations.

Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky
Don’t put your grandma to shame: Under no circumstances should you bring Wanda’s Raspberry-Rhubarb Pie – light and buttery pastry, overflowing with fresh raspberries and lip-puckering rhubarb – to your next family gathering. 287 Augusta Ave., 416-236-7585.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake at She Takes the Cake
Owner Adrienne Weinberg bakes creamy caramel – a Latin American staple – into her legendary cheesecake, and then spreads a little more on top. So good, it’s been called “sex on a plate.” 1600 Dundas St. W., 416-538-2253.

Chocolate Blackout Cake at Senses Bakery
World-renowned pastry chef Bruno Feldeisen uses only natural ingredients to create stylish and satisfying desserts, like the Chocolate Blackout Cake: a dark and decadent chocolate ganache layered with caramel. 318 Wellington St. W., 416-961-0055.

Image courtesy of Renée Suen


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  1. You should try the desserts at Liberty Bistro, they are all home made from fresh ingredients, and they taste great.
    They are at 25 Liberty Street in the Liberty Village.

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