Calgary’s Taste the Trucks II

Last Friday, Calgary’s pioneering mobile restaurant fleet rallied in the East Village for Taste the Trucks II. The event celebrated the wildly successful first year of Calgary’s Food Trucks Pilot Program. When the city launched the first phase of the program in August 2011, Calgary had eight food trucks on the road. There’s now more than 40 rolling for Phase III, though growth is set to slow. The Mayor’s Office recently declared “no new applicants will be accepted into the pilot until further notice.” Bummer. But worry not; these recent additions will keep your stomach satisfied through winter.

The Naaco Food Truck
Aman Adatia started this “neo retro Indian” food truck a few months ago with his girlfriend, and the couple’s wagon is already a star of the local circuit. Naaco (a hybrid of the words “taco” and “naan”) folds Indian and African staples like chickpea fritters and butter chicken with fresh organic sprouts and smoked cheddar, topped off with your choice of three amazing flavours of chutney. @TheNaacoTruck

Braizen’s chef Steve Glavicich changes his truck’s menu on a whim. You get served whatever seasonal dishes he feels like making, but it usually involves some kind of soul-nourishing meat. Whether it’s slow braised, in a stew or a meatball sub, Braizen’s savoury meats will lift spirits during Calgary’s inevitable cold snaps.

Cheezy Bizness
Cheezy’s business is the grilled cheese sandwich. The truck offers 10 unique takes on the low-budget lunch staple, from the traditional orange cheddar on white bread (Just Say Cheez!) to the “Hot Mess” which brings Monterey jack and pimento cheeses with chorizo sausage, banana peppers, and a fried egg between the bread — splashed with Sriracha mayo. Grab a bowl of homemade tomato soup to balance out the perfect greasy feast. @cheezybiz

Red Wagon Diner
Instead of parking yourself at some greasy spoon on Saturday morning, track down the Red Wagon on Twitter and start your day with “Calgary’s first Montreal smoked meat truck.” Decadent options (all for under $10) include breakfast burritos, coconut-encrusted French toast and the breakfast sandwich. But for a bad hunger (or hangover), try the Holy Holli Omelette (ham, smoked meat or salmon with sautéed onions, mushrooms and spinach — topped with hollandaise sauce), served with rye toast and hash browns. @redwagondiner

Image courtesy of Braizen.

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