Erin Ireland’s Top 5 Summer Date Spots in Vancouver

DailyXY has already filled you in on how to find summer romance, but when you’ve found that Sandy to your Danny (anyone?), where the heck are you supposed to go for the first date? Sure, you can ask that buddy of yours who takes a different lady out each week, but me? Well, I’d recommend taking Erin Ireland’s advice.

When she’s not busy growing her “To Die For” Banana Bread empire (yes, it is the best banana bread I’ve ever put in my mouth), the lovely Ms. Ireland is Vancouver’s top food reporter and Urban Rush’s go-to dining expert. Her crazy-popular website It’s To Die For lists her picks for “To Die For” dishes around the city. Surely, if anyone knows a good place for a date, it’s Erin.

Reflections at Hotel Georgia
An ultra-sexy setting for any highly anticipated first date, complete with a trickling waterfall and oversized couches on an open-air patio.

Market by Jean-Georges
Here you’ll find world-class food in an elegant setting guaranteed to impress her. Get cozy in the pristine, low-light dining room or enjoy fresh air under a blanket on the plush patio.

Il Giardino
An older, classic restaurant can make a date feel extra special — and with arguably the best Italian food in town (as well as a magical little patio), you can’t go wrong.

UVA Wine Bar
Dive into a bottle of Italian or B.C. wine in roomy white leather chairs or cuddle up side-by-side in a booth at this funky downtown Vancouver wine bar. The crostini is killer, too.

Bella Gelateria
You won’t find a better scoop in the city. Grab a cone and head to the waterfront for a stroll on the seawall or simply relax on a nearby bench.

Follow Erin on Twitter @Erin_Ireland or check out It’s To Die For for more great Vancouver dining suggestions!

Image courtesy of wukevinc

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