Montreal’s Alexandraplatz Bar

With craft beer bars rare as they are in Montreal, we wonder why Alexandraplatz is hidden so well. A tease, a myth, the space is hidden in a neighbourhood ripe with industrial buildings and after hours booze dens—its bright and spacious design comes as a pleasant, out-of-place surprise.

The concept was inspired by Germany’s biergartens—hence the name Alexandraplatz, a nod to Berlin’s biggest transport hub. Outside the bar is a small handful of benches, expertly designed to balance pints and endure arm wrestles. Despite being surrounded by monolithic warehouses, these tables get generous sun during the day, perfect for a mid-afternoon drink.

Undeniably, the interior has a Germanic minimalism to it. A converted garage, the massive concrete space is prone to echoing as you step towards the taps. That is, if you get there at a decent hour. While ‘platz is certainly spacious as spacious comes, it’s easily the trendiest bar in Montreal right now for those in the know.

Expect a crowd of thirty-something beer snobs, well-dressed and tipsy from $2.50 half-pints. The house beers are delicious and a phenomenal alternative to the city’s usual baseline draughts: Griffon or Boreal. We recommend the IPA, a stronger beer but without too much hop to it. If you’re more into spirits and have already plowed through our bespoke cocktails Montreal, their sake mixer is beautifully executed and tastes as exotic as it sounds.

On most days you’ll find cheap vegan treats BBQ’d up fresh out in the parking lot, such as burritos or veggie dogs. Be sure to friend them on Facebook, as they’ll often advertise what they’re serving: almond-topped donuts and nachos have been said to make appearances.

6731 de l’Esplanade, 438-935-6731

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