Curry Flavour

Just like the perfect butter tart, a good roti is dependent upon two things – the gooeyness of the filling and the flakiness of that which holds it together. Although there are a number of credible places throughout the city, a trip down Eglinton is that much more authentic. Based on those criteria, below are the two best on Eg West.

Roti King 1688 Eglinton Avenue West (at Glenholme), (416) 781-8432

With six different rotis to choose from – chicken, mutton, potato, beef, shrimp and vegetarian, it was difficult to choose a favourite. I love mutton and the Roti King’s is succulent and seasoned right to the bone, however the beef was surprisingly astounding. Fork-tender, juicy, very flavourful and the perfect accompaniment to the homemade roti shell and scotch bonnet pepper sauce. The cumin top notes of the vegetarian roti, made with mashed squash, curried chick peas and potatoes, quickly diffuse to reveal the perfect mélange of vegetables and spices. Prices range from $4.50 – $8.

Raps 1541 Eglinton Avenue West (at Alameda), (416) 782-7277

The plumpest pieces of goat I have ever eaten, Raps definitely puts up a fair fight in the battle toward roti sovereignty. The chicken results in tonal coos and a plastered smile. With a display case that could be mistaken for a Caribbean fancy food shop, Raps does away with all the gloss and focuses on providing quality meals, no-frills service and a roti that could easily become the leverage you need in asking for a raise. Complete meals for under $10.

(Photo courtesy of magnetha on Flickr)

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