The Great Shaving Cream Experiment

We’ve evolved well beyond the days when a bar of soap could be considered proper shaving cream. But how great is the difference between a $3 cream and $30 “formula”? And do we really need more ginseng? With his trusty Gillette Mach 3 in hand, writer Vaughn Stafford Gray tested … Read More

Quagmire: Golfing Like a Surfer/Skater

Before Quagmire, Geoff Tait and Bobby Pasternak often found themselves wearing surf and skate apparel on the golf course. “For years,” Tait has said, “I was known as the guy who wore Billabong or Quiksilver.” To cater to a growing class of young, hip golfers – not to mention themselves … Read More

Curry Flavour

Just like the perfect butter tart, a good roti is dependent upon two things – the gooeyness of the filling and the flakiness of that which holds it together. Although there are a number of credible places throughout the city, a trip down Eglinton is that much more authentic. Based … Read More

Fall Fashion Forward

Although we’re still milking the last few days of summer and finally just got our beach bodies, it’s almost fall. Sigh. So between the re-storage of the patio furniture and showing off the abs we had on backorder, we have to turn our attention to investing in an autumnal wardrobe. … Read More

The Beauty of Belly Catering

If you see “For a great experience call Nicole at…” etched into the walls of your gym’s locker room, think of it as a public service announcement. Nicole Kruzick, head foodie of Belly Catering is a culinary MacGyver. With her various services, she will elevate you from just being able … Read More

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