Montreal: A Sandwich City

There are a million ways to fill the space between two slices of bread, and while Montreal’s renowned for its smoked meat, there are plenty of other ways to stuff your loaf in this town. Some of our favourites:

This Old Montreal favourite features sandwiches as large as the restaurant’s namesake, but far less disastrous. Their popular cheese and bacon butty is an elaborate interpretation of the U.K. classic, with lots of pig, roasted peppers and cream cheese, it’s truly epic. 445 St-Pierre St., (514) 849-0894.

Cao Thang
Among the best of the banh mi (Vietnamese sub) joints to pop up in Montreal over the last few years, Cao Thang offers meatball, chicken, pork and pâté sandwiches on fresh baguettes, topped with butter, coriander, carrots and hot peppers. Also: ridiculously cheap. 1082 St-Laurent Blvd., (514) 392-0097.

Olive & Gourmando
A sandwich is only as good as its bread, which bakery Olive & Gourmando takes to heart. Sandwiches vary by day, but the Cuban with mayo, ham and melted cheese, is heavenly – grab it if you see it. 351 St-Paul St. W., (514) 350-1083.

Slovenia Meat Market
An always-packed destination on the lower Main, Slovenia’s known for its hearty and affordable deli sandwiches, from well-spiced sausage to pitch-perfect salami – and its top-notch pickles. 3653 St-Laurent Blvd., (514) 842-3558.

A highlight downtown, Santangelo’s specialty is the old-school Italian sandwich, from home-cured meats to breaded veal. One of the best spots in town to grab a proper sandwich like (someone’s) mama used to make. 2350 Guy Street, (514) 937-7444.

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