DailyXY’s Ultimate Gift Guide: The Grill Master

Maybe there’s a guy in your life who is tough to shop for; a friend, a co-worker, a boss. Maybe it’s your brother, father, or husband. Or maybe you are that difficult guy, and you need to figure out what to ask for this Christmas/Chanukah/New Year/December birthday.

Well if you’re shopping for a guy who loves cutting, grilling, and smoking food but mostly meat, here’s a list for you. We were going to make it a foodie list, but then we realized that nearly all the food stuff we like has to do with grilling. Some of that other stuff snuck on here, but this list is mostly about the preparation and appreciation of grilled meat. Check back tomorrow for our next ultimate gift guide. Oh, and wondering if we’re doing a gift guide for the significant woman in your life? Nope, because we have something even better for that: a strategy. Anyway, on to the list!

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Photo courtesy of Jack Oughton.

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