Dating App for Bacon Lovers

There’s dating apps for all kinds of groups, so why not bacon lovers? After all, dating someone who didn’t love bacon would be kind of hard. Oscar Mayer, the guys who did this dumb thing, are behind Sizzl. Fortunately, it’s for lovers of all bacon, not just Oscar Mayer’s terrible … Read More

Deadbeat Pasta

Need a no-nonsense pasta recipe that convers all the food groups, takes fewer than twenty minutes, and won’t elicit too many eye rolls from visiting parents or girlfriends? Here it is. Just make sure you don’t buy any pasta that’s “enriched” or has a bunch of crap added to it. … Read More

Mixologist: The Dad Bod

Okay, we haven’t said a damn thing about the most annoying internet meltdown since that frickin’ dress, but we love cocktails, bourbon, doughnuts, and most importantly, bacon, so: here is the Dad Bod Father’s Day cocktail. You win, internet. Although, this time, dad wins too. Ingredients Bacon. As much as … Read More

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