Fuego Diablo Steaks

Not impressed with what passes for steak at your local grocery store and don’t have a good butcher nearby? Well, fortunately for you, we live in an age where anything can be ordered online—and that includes steak.

Fuego Diablo, based in Nova Scotia, offers exactly what we’ve always wanted: steak delivered to our door. They have an entire range of cuts available, from chateaubriand to strip loin to ribeye and more, and they come in USDA Choice, Canada AAA, USDA/Canada Prime, and Japanese and US Waygu.

Here’s what happened when we gave it a shot: a couple of days after putting in our order, we received a delivery of a very large cardboard box. It held a Styrofoam cooler tapped closed. Inside was a fun amount of dry ice and our steaks, vacuum-sealed and frozen. The package came with a little ‘how to thaw/how to grill’ guide, because, in case this wasn’t quite evident, the people at Fuego Diablo really, really care about steak.

If you happen to be in a gift-giving mood, Fuego Diablo is offering free ground shipping between now and Father’s day. They also have a bunch of gift packs, such as the Black Label Taster’s Pack (two 13 oz. boneless strip loin steaks and two 16 oz. boneless ribeye steaks, all prime), the Adam and Eve Pack (one 16 oz. AAA chateaubriand for two, two AAA filet mignon steaks of 6 and 8 oz., two prime strip loin steaks of 8 and 13 oz., and two prime boneless ribeye steaks of 10 and 13 oz.), and our favourite, the Number of the Beast Pack for $666 (six 6.oz filet mignons, six 18 oz. bone-in ribeyes, and six 13 oz. strip loins).

And that should have you covered for steak. Except for how to cook the damn things. We could tell you, but it’s easier to have Gordon Ramsay do that for us.

Bonus: Want 15% off your order, from now until the end of July? Well isn’t that a coincidence, we have a discount code just for you: it’s ‘DailyXY’.

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