Why You Should Get a Brew Box

It’s officially the last minute. Stores are nuts. Shipping is impossible. Teleporters don’t yet exist, we don’t think. So what can you get for that big, outstanding name on your shopping list?

We suggest a Brew Box.

Brew Box is a box-of-the-month club that specialises in craft beer. They have a Brewscovery club, which specialises in whatever is new and unique from Ontario craft brewers. It starts at $58/month for twelve month. Then there’s the Brewthusiast club, which is all about special edition beers. It starts at $59/month for twelve months. And they have clubs for Sawdust City, Silversmith, and Beau’s, which is great if you love those breweries but don’t live nearby them.

In terms of gifts, though, the Brewscovery club is the box to get. Every month it features three Ontario breweries. You get about four litres of beer (in everything from 355ml cans to half-litre bottles) along with tastings notes and a little information about the breweries themselves.

I tried the October Brewscovery club, which featured beer from Stack Brewing in Sudbury, 5 Paddles in Whitby, and Anderson Brewing in Ontario. The highlight for me was certainly Brother Ian’s Barrel Aged Belgian 6, which is a hellova beer put out by 5 Paddles.

So: if you have someone on your gift list that likes craft beer, spends a lot of time seeking out new beer, wouldn’t mind a present every month, and whom you really, really like? Get ‘em a brew box.

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