5 Spirits to Celebrate New Year’s

Maybe you still have a tonne of alcohol on hand from an entire December’s worth of office parties and sundry holidays. Or maybe your liquor cabinet is bare. Either way, here are four solid picks for a fun New Year’s.


Jagermeister’s recent bottle redesign (new logo, new bottle shape, a tonne of new information on the label) is as good a reason as any to revisit this most unique German spirit. And while we’re at it, let’s reclaim it from the college crowd. Jagermeister makes a fine aperitif and goes well in cocktails—so put down the shot glass.
Germany — 35% ABV
LCBO Price: $28.50

Baron Samedi

This richly spiced rum is named after a Caribbean Voodoo Ioa. Lots of vanilla, coca, cinnamon, and something that’s earthy and hard to place. Mix it with a dry ginger beer for the spiciest dark ‘n’ stormy you’ve ever had.
Kentucky, USA – 45% ABV
LCBO Price: $29.95

Powers Gold Irish Whisky

What’s the best-selling whisky in all of Ireland? Bushmills and Jameson can stand aside, Powers reigns supreme on the emerald isle. Spicy with a lot of potstill character.
Midelton, Ireland – 43.2% ABV
LCBO Price: $39.95

Monkey Shoulder

This may be the oddest-named blended scotch we’ve ever encountered—but boy is it smooth. A mix of just Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie, Monkey Shoulder is smooth, creamy, and has notes of winter spices, toasted barley, and butterscotch. Ideal for cocktailing.
Dufftown, Scotland — 40% ABV
LCBO Price: $64.95

Wyborowa Vodka

What happens when you make a vodka with rye grain? Wyborowa is extremely neutral with just a little bit of anise on the nose, but the rye reveals itself in Wyborowa’s hot and spicy finish.
Poznan, Poland – 40% ABV
LCBO Price: $26.75


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