In Pursuit of Eggs-ellence

Whether you’re recovering from a hangover or fueling up for an active day, a plate of eggs will almost always do the trick. We all have our favourite breakfast spot, but a kitchen that makes a killer omelette does not necessarily craft a delicate Benny. No point starting off your day disappointed: Here are five recommended local egg dishes in Vancouver.

Eggs Benedict at Raincity Grill
Wear your Sunday best to this white-tableclothed restaurant and tuck into the artisan eggs Benny. Decide in advance if you’ll have the smoked salmon or Dungeness crab and herb edition so you have more time to enjoy the view of English Bay — and your company. The organic eggs are poached to perfection (slightly runny dark yolks, unless otherwise specified) and drizzled with velvety hollandaise. The sustainable seafood is as fresh as the scenery. Weekend brunch only. 1193 Denman St., 604-685-7337.

Huevos Rancheros at Me and Julio
An authentic pine nut mole rancheros sauce balanced by pico de gallo helped this bustling Mexican cantina win our vote over its Commercial Drive neighbours — and huevos rancheros rivals — Havana and Bandidas Taqueria. Also impressive is how the corn tortillas keep their crispiness to the last bite. We challenge you to get to the bottom of the hearty portion and find out for yourself! 2095 Commercial Dr., 604-696-9997.

Omelettes at Jethro’s Fine Grub
The queue to get a table at this West Side nook is a blessing in disguise, because you’ll work up an appetite to handle their hearty omelette offering. Formerly a caterer for touring bands like Rob Zombie and Linkin Park, man in the kitchen D’Arcy Allen knows how to feed hungry souls and, not surprisingly, whips up one mean omelette. Go with a friend and split two: The Cobb (roast turkey, bacon, tomato, avocado, scallions and blue cheese) and South of Denver (pulled pork, sautéed onions, peppers, smoked gouda and jalapenos). 3420 Dunbar St., 604-569-3441.

Fried Eggs at The Diner
“Some like ’em over easy, others like ’em over hard and the queen likes hers sunny side up,” quipped our waitress at this kitschy British diner, promising perfection with every order. Have yours as part of the full English breakfast, which includes fried tomatoes, baked beans, fried bread and trashy British tabloids. The family-run eatery has been serving fry-ups since the 1950s and offers the most authentic experience in town. 4556 West 10th Ave., 604-224-1912.

Egg Sandwich at The Templeton
Natural wood-smoked bacon (or veggie bacon), scrambled free-range eggs and Montreal brie make this historic café’s trademark sandwich a winner. Here they serve it on a toasted croissant with rosemary potatoes and call it “Mangled Eggs.” 1087 Granville St., 604-685-4612.

Image courtesy of Tavallai.

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