Introducing: Tequila Tromba

Put back that blanco. If your tequila experience has been defined by trays of shot glasses littering dodgy all-inclusive resorts, it’s no surprise the drink has gotten a bad rap. With Tequila Tromba, Toronto native Eric Brass is erasing grad trip memories one smooth cocktail at a time.

But don’t bust out the salt — the best tequilas are meant to be sipped and savoured. Tromba is distilled with 100% pure agave, unlike cheaper “blancos” that often rely on upward of 49% sugar, resulting in a harsher taste. With a bushel of awards already under its belt, the goal with Tromba was to create a premium option at an accessible price.

With Tromba now on the menu at over 150 bars and establishments across Toronto, including The Drake Hotel, SPiN, ONE, Playa Cabana, The Thompson Hotel and 416 Snack Bar, there’s pretty much bound to be a place nearby where you can go to get a taste of Jalisco.

While you may be unused to ordering tequila at a boutique hotel instead of Señor Frog’s, top mixologists have been hard at work crafting perfect end-of-summer cocktails that refresh and surprise. If you’ve managed to snag an occasionally elusive bottle of Tromba at your local LCBO, here are a couple cocktails to try at home.

Tommy’s Margarita
60 mL Tromba Blanco
30 mL fresh-squeezed lime juice
30 mL agave syrup
Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain into a glass with ice and serve.

45 mL Tromba Blanco
3 mL lime juice
Dash of crème de cassis
Topped with ginger beer
Combine all ingredients over ice in a tall glass, garnish with pressed lime.

Image courtesy of krembo1

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