Montreal Supper Clubs

There are few establishments that remain open to the public but have an air of exclusivity. Sadly, gentlemen’s clubs are dwindling and speakeasies are falling further and further under wraps. While going for drinks at an upscale bar might connotes a slight improvement to your local pub, there’s a middle ground to the madness of Montreal nightlife: the supper club, where fine dining meets bottle service. Here, four recommendations.

A C-list celebrity spot, Rosalie is a great place to pretend you’re more famous than you are and get away with it. During the daytime, we recommend lunch: a wood-fired pizza on their luxurious terrasse coupled with a pint ($22). At night, this stylish joint turns into a wine bar staffed by top-tier waitresses in LBDs. 1232 de la Montagne St., 514-392-1970.

Time Supper Club
Notorious as one of Montreal’s most wallet-busting destinations, Time Supper Club boasts the appropriate, commensurate atmosphere. Gorgeous décor paired with gorgeous, gorgeous clientele make Time a perfect spot to put that pay raise to good use. In late evenings, it quickly turns into an incredibly trendy — no, not “art school trendy” — dance spot, with a well-equipped bottle and champagne service. 997 St-Jacques St., 514-392-9292.

Buona Notte
Located in the heart of the Plateau, Buona Notte competes with dozens of other pubs, bars and clubs in every direction — and does a damn fine job at it. For dinner, expect to be impressed by modern Italian cuisine and stiff drinks. We think the prices are a little high for what you’re served, though we’ll argue the ambiance is more than worth the extra buck. Later, the frivolity continues with an introduction of some of the hottest DJs around and a crowd that always seems to be truly upbeat. 3518 St-Laurent Blvd., 514-848-0644.

Macaroni Bar
Trendy bistro meets swanky nightclub. Macaroni is the Mile End spot to grab a bite before starting your night. We suggest the gnocchi poutine and the s’mores dessert. Also, dress to the nines — after the kitchen closes, the doorman won’t just let in any schmo. Earlier: reservations will speed up the seating process, but if you’re looking to stop in somewhere for a drink, your time is better spent elsewhere. 4448 St-Laurent Blvd., 514-287-0287.

Image courtesy of Duke Yearlook.

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